Jessica DeMuro of Earth Mother Healing

Jessica has been actively studying  the energy modality of Reiki for many years and is attuned at the master level in the Usui, Tibetan, Violet Flame, and Kurana Ki traditions. Her clairsentience, which is much like clairvoyance only instead of images, messages are received through feeling, opened up at a young age. Reiki has become an honored and respected part of Jessica's everyday life. She has studied under several mentors throughout her journey, gaining valuable knowledge and understanding of energy work. A few years ago, Jessica returned home to the midwest and currently works in and around the Metro Detroit Area 

What is Reiki?

(Pronounced ray-key) Is an energy-based Japanese healing modality. The word itself is the combination of two Japanese words, which put together translate to “universal life force energy”. Reiki is a gentle holistic system of balancing and harmonizing the energy of the body and spirit. It uses the shifting and clearing of energy to help aid in the relief of physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. 

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