What to Expect



Each session will begin with a few minutes of setting intentions, this is simply to physically voice the areas in which you want to place focus for the session. Once on the table, I will do a small healing attunement, which will raise your vibration level and get you ready to receive a healing. For the remainder of your session I work intuitively and through hands-on energy healing techniques while holding the space for your focused intentions of the session. 


Each session is different and unique to you; it’s important to remember that Reiki is a process and is most effective over time. Some of the discomforts we experience may take more than one session before feeling total relief. Sessions are curated around what you need and the intentions put in place. It is my goal that you leave each appointment feeling clear, refreshed, and empowered.



After a Reiki session you can often expect to feel extremely relaxed regardless of the kind of work we do during the appointment. You should try to take advantage, if possible, of the energy shifts you will experience by drinking plenty of water and giving yourself time to process these shifts, as they may at first feel subtle.


I encourage communication between sessions, and am available via email to talk about any of the things you may be experiencing afterwards. 

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