One Shift Leads to the Next

The perspective of something can often influence the outcome, or even simply how we perceive the outcome. A small shift in viewpoint when it comes to ANYTHING can change the way we understand it, communicate with it, even accomplish it. Sometimes that shift is an action, sometimes its simply walking around the other side of whatever it is and viewing it from there. If we only expect or search for faults or have low expectations, how can we manage to gain anything more than that? If we don't move/shift the energy in the direction we want to go, how can we expect it to ever get there?

Let's take creativity for example. Being an artist doesn’t necessarily mean that you are 100% creative 100% of the time. In fact, sometimes creativity is actually really hard work. Often, though not always, 'creative blocks' are simply the lack of shifting energy in the direction you want to go and supplying that shift with an action or commitment. This kind of action may be as simple as sitting down for 30 minutes at the piano, or the canvas, or the computer. Sometimes it's being in the right environment that helps get the ball rolling. Remember, one shift leads to the next.