On Shadow Work

Updated: Jan 27

Shadow work isn’t typically easy. A simplified way to describe it is the process of legitimately looking at the hard truths and deciding to honor the necessary changes needed to create wholeness, aka do the work to heal.

These hard truths have been upon us for some time. Often, as is the case with this kind of energy work, ignoring the gentler nudges to grow results in growth ceasing to show up as a suggestion at all. Instead, it becomes a forceful and inescapable demand.

Frankly, my friends, we have been wading through the this shadow as a society for a long time, procrastinating.

So, do not dismiss what we are seeing, or save it for later, or find ways to downplay importance or urgency. Face this, all of it, and Face it in real time with open eyes. What confronts us now, and what has been confronting us for years, shows truths about the foundations of this society, and truths about humanity. This can be heavy work, find ways to self care and for respite when needed, but don’t forget to return. Coming back to the table is important. What we face as a civilization is also fundamentally what you and I face within ourselves, and whether we’re willing to do the work is up to us individually. Either way, Shadow work remains.... even for those who would seek to avoid it.

You see, the shadow is not separate. It is not “other”. It may ebb and flow from focus, but it is in fact, apart of the same cloth. These threads are woven into the fabric of the self and thus woven into the fabric of society. There is responsibility to acknowledge and work through this honestly, and to continue to do so unequivocally.

Complacency will suffocate (r)evolution.

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